Inner Song

Understand how to connect with your voice in an emotional and technical manner that provides free and easy expression and long lasting, healthy vocal habits.


Sing-Shaming is an idea that many people seem to have about themselves. It’s the idea that they don’t deserve to sing because they aren’t innately gifted. They aren’t “stars.” It’s the kind of pervasive notion that comes as much from outside forces as it does from inner monologues. Look around: the idea that singing is the sole province of ‘stars’ is everywhere in our society—from shows like American Idol to vernacular sayings like “I only sing in the shower” or “I can’t carry a tune in a bag.” Our consumer culture places a high premium on talent as a commodity, and somewhere along the line we’ve lost our voice. Many of us simply feel we don’t deserve to sing.

The same fears can happen when one is trying to learn an instrument for the first time or to anyone pursuing authentic creative expression.  Many of the same feelings of comparison, overwhelm and negative self-talk can block a person from moving forward and learning an instrument.  It can feel daunting to give oneself permission to pursue an instrument.

I understand!  I am a compassionate teacher because I have experienced many of the same fears and blocks that hold up adult learners.  I was a late bloomer when it came to  learning an instrument, songwriting and performance.  I started learning guitar at age 22.  I started pursuing songwriting around age 25 and taught myself how to play piano at age 27.  I have dealt first hand with debilitating stage fright and creative self-doubt.  I have moved through many of these fears with compassion toward myself and a curiosity about the possibilities that learning an instrument could provide to me.



"Jenee came highly recommended to me to me by another local artist and I am so pleased to have finally found a teacher who can really help me take my vocals to the next level. Jenee understands the physical, emotional and intangible elements of singing (and other aspects of the performing arts) and talks to me about them in a way that is easy to understand and applies to what I already know.  I recently entered the studio to record my first album and was thrilled to discover that, after studying with Jenee, I was able record vocals that are so much better than anything I've done before.  I've still got plenty of room to grow as a vocalist and I'm glad to have Jenee to help me through it all." - Nima S.

"As a radio DJ I cannot work without a voice, so my vocal health is imperative.  I feel very fortunate to be able to reach out to Jenee when I need guidance.  Jenee's knowledge of the voice and how to care for the vocal cords not only helped soothe my ailments, but also ease my mind.  Her advice stretches far beyond the traditional age old remedies of lemon and honey."  I would recommend her for services to anyone looking to maintain vocal health." - Jess P.

"Jenee has been teaching my kids piano, guitar, voice and ukulele for over four years. She has a wonderful way about her and the kids are excited about taking music lessons. She has really expanded their musical interests and is a wonderful partner as over the years their needs and interests shift. Jenee teaches traditional methods and most importantly weaves in contemporary music to add fun and context. The school programs are too heavy in the classics and never get to the music the kids love."
- Michele C.

"Our daughters have had Jenee as their music teacher for nearly three years.  Jenee has helped them to learn and enjoy guitar, keyboard and voice.  Aside from our girls continuously getting better with their music, we really appreciate Jenee's willingness to focus on songs that our daughter needs for auditions. Jenee is able to put a personal touch on her lessons and adapts to each kid's skill level accordingly.  We are thankful to have met Jenee; she brings a smile to our kids' faces every week."
- David L.

"Jenee worked with my daughter to help her prepare for a singing performance in front of a very large audience.  My daughter was in 5th grade at the time and LOVED Jenee. She found her respectful, attentive, fun and very easy to talk to (she can be a little shy when first meeting people).  Not only did my daughter enjoy her teaching style, but she learned some specific strategies which improved her vocal abilities.  Jenee is a gem and the real deal. We will surely be back to see her!"  
- Michelle A., "mother of two constantly singing girls...13 and 9!"