Steve Morse loves 'Edge of the World'

Berklee Professor and long time Globe music writer Steve Morse gives 'Edge of the World' an amazing review!
"The new Jenee Halstead EP, "Edge of the World," is astonishingly good. She takes you to the edge with some of the most beautifully contemplative, ambient arrang
ements of recent times. I put this record on and was awestruck. The song "Sophia, written by Jenee and Susan Cattaneo, has a hymn-like feel with a magical vocal somewhere between Sandy Denny and Kate Bush. The opening "Shovel" (written by Jess Tardy) starts with an almost Ralph Stanley "Oh Death" sound before getting heavy with a U2-like "Bullet in the Blue Sky" climax. Other songs are equally haunting, almost hallucinatory. And then there's "Taste Me," which is as sexy a song as you'll hear all year. Bravo, Jenee. This is fabulous."

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