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This service is for you if you want to explore an instrument or your creativity in a safe and non-judgmental environment with a kind and patient teacher; you have always had a desire to learn an instrument; you want to get back to that side of yourself that used to love to play music, you want to play a piece for your Grandmother’s birthday, etc.

A typical lesson like this could look like:  


  • Understand how to connect with your voice in an emotional and technical manner that provides free and easy expression.

  • Learning vocal and breathing anatomy in order to have a better understanding of the voice.

  • Being able to sing a song by the end of the first lesson.


  • Using song formats to learn the basic building blocks of music including rhythm, melody, chords, etc.

  • Learning basics of instrument such as how to hold and tune.

  • Basic sight-reading and theory

  • Some work on software to improve sight-reading and listening skills.

  • Being able to play a song by the end of the first lesson.


This service is for you if on the verge of getting out to perform but need some confidence building, you are already performing out, but you want to strengthen your singing or songwriting-writing voice,  you want to hone your music skills and need someone to keep you motivated, you feel your stage presence is lacking a connection with the audience.

A typical lesson like this could look like:


  • Understand how to assess where you at currently with your voice, and what happens with overuse.
  • Build your awareness of what you are feeling when vocalizing and how to make adjustments.  How to self perceive and self correct.

  • Reconnecting and understanding your instrument through vocal mapping excercises.

  • Reviewing repertoire to identify ideal vocal placement for optimal expression and vocal ease.


  • Evaluating songs for improvement on writing: lyrics, hooks or melody.

  • Performance of pieces in a “staged” setting with feedback and adjustment for improved connection with audience.


  • Technical adjustments for better playing.

  • Strengthening exercises for ease of playing, building on knowledge and ability of what you already know about your instrument.