Knowing Your Voice

Instructors:    Jenee Halstead

                          Joshua Glasner

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"As a radio DJ I cannot work without a voice, so my vocal health is imperative.  I feel very fortunate to be able to reach out to Jenee when I need guidance.  Jenee's knowledge of the voice and how to care for the vocal cords not only helped soothe my ailments, but also ease my mind.  Her advice stretches far beyond the traditional age old remedies of lemon and honey."  I would recommend her for services to anyone looking to maintain vocal health." - J. Phaneuf

Workshop Description

This course is designed to help singer-songwriters or anyone who is passionate about singing learn more about their voice and how to maintain optimal health while maintaining a performance schedule or working as a professional musician.  It will use a combination of lecture-style and workshop-based presentations and to give singers practical application of the information presented.  Jenee and Josh aim to help attendees understand vocal effort, vocal exercises, and what to do if they believe they have a vocal issue.  The course will last eight hours with a lunch break and will combine the latest evidence-based research in voice and speech science with applications to the singer-songwriter’s own songs.
All levels are welcome and you do not need to be a professional singer or songwriter to enjoy the benefits of this workshop.  We welcome everyone.  


About the Teachers

Joshua Glasner is a Ph.D. Candidate at New York University’s Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development.  During his time at NYU, he has studied vocal pedagogy and voice science through an interdisciplinary curriculum that combined Vocal Pedagogy, Music Technology, and Speech Language Pathology.  Mr. Glasner holds degrees from Westminster Choir College and University of Delaware in Vocal Pedagogy and Performance (Pedagogy Emphasis) and Applied Voice, respectively.  In Summer 2016, he completed a Certificate in Vocology at the University of Utah/NCVS.

Jenee Halstead is an award winning recording artist and singer/songwriter performing locally, regionally and internationally.  She holds a minor in Classical Vocal Performance, a major in History from Gonzaga University in Washington and a Certificate in Vocology from the University of Utah/NCVS.  Specialties include: Guitar, Songwriting and Vocal Health.