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She takes you to the edge with some of the most beautifully contemplative, ambient arrangements of recent times. I put this record on and was awestruck.”

— Steve Morse, Boston Globe

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Europe 2018 Tour

Europe, I am coming to you! I hope to see you in Holland, Belgium or France!  

Tour Dates

Date Event Location
Jenee Halstead @ Trianon in Nijmegen, Netherlands Trianon, Nijmegen, 03 Trianon, Nijmegen, 03
Jenee Halstead @ Brouwcafe Kareltje in Heusden, Netherlands Brouwcafe Kareltje, Heusden, North Brabant Brouwcafe Kareltje, Heusden, North Brabant
Jenee Halstead @ Donkers House Concert in Ede, Netherlands Donkers House Concert, Ede, 03 Donkers House Concert, Ede, 03
Jenee Halstead @ The Stables Music Center in Boskoop, Netherlands The Stables Music Center, Boskoop, South Holland The Stables Music Center, Boskoop, South Holland
Jenee Halstead @ Taverne De Waag in Haarlem, The Netherlands Taverne De Waag, Haarlem Taverne De Waag, Haarlem
Jenee Halstead @ Podiumcafe Peter en Leni in Steendam, Netherlands Podiumcafe Peter en Leni, Steendam, 04 Podiumcafe Peter en Leni, Steendam, 04
Jenee Halstead @ Hub Neuchatel in Neuchatel, Switzerland Hub Neuchatel, Neuchatel, NE Hub Neuchatel, Neuchatel, NE
Jenee Halstead @ Orange Bleue in Brignais, France Orange Bleue, Brignais Orange Bleue, Brignais
Jenee Halstead @ Meneer Fritz in Eindhoven, Netherlands Meneer Fritz, Eindhoven, North Brabant Meneer Fritz, Eindhoven, North Brabant

About Jenee

If you detect something expansive and mysterious in the music of Jenee Halstead, a freedom that owes no debt to place and time — or even genre — you understand where she’s coming from. And where she’s headed ... deeper into the essence of song. 

Her evolution from folk singer to ethereal rocker mirrors her journey from the West Coast to the East. As a youngster in Spokane, Washington, Jenee followed the lead of hippie parents and explored music freely. She heard something in it all — from medieval choral works, to Led Zeppelin to Dolly Parton — and it tugged at her, even as she earned her degree at Gonzaga. 

To build on her personal, almost-secret songwriting, Jenee moved to Boston, where the seeds for many of her influences were planted. While Berklee College of Music was part of the allure, the academic approach turned her off, and away.  “They make everybody use a laptop,” Jenee says, lamenting that mechanical method. “I thought, ‘Bob Dylan didn’t write “Blowin’ in the Wind” on a laptop! I don’t need this.’” 

As it turns out, all she needed was a few nights with the working musicians in Cambridge’s basement Bohemia, Lizard Lounge — and an introduction to Patty Griffin, with whom she startlingly shares a vocal quality and artistic bent.  “Patty Griffin was a complete revelation,” Jenee says. “It just opened up a whole new world to me. ... Patty Griffin gave me permission to just write.” 









Her new EP, “Edge of the World," hits my ears like sorceress music, rings of smoke through the trees and the bells of Rhymney. - Jed Gottlieb”

Jed Gottlieb, Boston Herald